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Xen Raffini
Biographical Information
Homeworld: [Panatha]
Name: Xen Raffini
Species: Epicanthix
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 1.58m
Weight: Unknown
Build: Slim/Athletic
Hair Color/Style: Black, styled
Eye Color: Yellow
Age: 3,676 BBY (20 years old)
Personal Information
  • Bounty Hunter (Present)
  • Assassin (Present)
  • Noble (Past)

Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Dark
Specialization: Teräs Käsi Master
Weapons: Unarmed or twin Cortosis Sai
Ship: None
Companion(s): None
Residency: None
Skills & Talents
Force User: Yes, Force Sensitive
Political Information
Opposed Affiliation:
Former Master: Haldrin Raffini (Desceased)
Current Affiliation:

Guild: Agents of the E.P.O.C.H

"Normally I would never condone taking the life of another, but if you meet Xen Raffini I urge you to end her life as fast as you can, my young Padawan. From the moment she percieves you, murdering you will be her only instinct." - Jedi Master Laroc-Sha

Theme Song Edit

"Passive" by A Perfect Circle (Right-Click, "Open in new tab")

Quotes/Mottos Edit

You shy from what you do not understand. Let me show you the beauty in fear.

Your failed to kill me when you had the chance... a most unwise and final choice.

You will get no mercy from me, fool. I will feed on your cries and bask in your desperation..

Without the shadows of this galaxy your 'light' is pointless.

Appearance Edit

Slender and well-toned, Xen is of slightly under-average height with sharp features and a light frame. Her dark hair is short and styled into a slightly boyish bob, and she wears little to no makeup the vast majority of the time. Despite this she is not an uncomely woman, and her appearance has turned the head of more than one would-be suitor. Unfortunately Xen spends most of her time with some form of aggression or venemous look across her face and her constant connection to the Dark Side for so many years has begun to physically effect her. Her hair (which was once platinum blond) has become so dark that it almost absorbs the light around it and her skin has begun to lose much of its colour, going pallid and eventually beginning to turn grey in the same manner as dead skin. The sparkling blue eyes she has as a child have drained of colour, now a washed out blueish-gray.

Birth & Childhood Edit

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Ascent Edit

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Freelancer Edit

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Personality Edit

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Languages Edit

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  • Galactic Basic
  • Epicant
  • Sith

Talents Edit

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Equipment Edit

Twin Sai, Cortosis Edit

When not attacking bare-handed Xen fights with her signature twin Cortosis Sai, fashioned by the legendary Epicanthix swordsmith, Varide Sengo whom is now heir to House Raffini. The blades are specifically designed for her and are weighted to her style. They are easily able to be thrown with great accuracy but are designed for disarming Jedi and making their lightsabers temporarily useless.

Bracers, Cortosis Edit

Also fashioned by Varide Sengo, these wrist-guards have been dyed a dark-onyx black and are thin and lightweight, easily concealed under clothing. Along with the pair of Sai it is rumoured Xen gave her entire family wealth and heritage to Sengo in exchange for these Cortosis armaments.

Other Equipment of Note Edit

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Roleplaying Appearances Edit

The Questioning

Urban Predator (Mentioned Only)

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