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Relationship with the E.P.O.C.HEdit

The E.P.O.C.H first met the Sith'ari Path in the Hyperion Bar after the treaty of Coruscant where Agent Skursir engaged in conversation with smuggler Mirellu Vasha who had previously been in the service of the Sith'ari Path. As if by coincidence, two members of the Path entered, Darth'Ishad and Mulnor. The Smuggler, scared because of stealing a ship in leaving the Path, attempted to flee. With Skursir's help, Mirellu ran off into the streets of Coruscant. Seeing a business oppurtunity, Skursir requested only the co-ordinates to the Sith'ari Path's base of operations before Mirellu departed. A week later, Skursir daringly landed on the Sith'ari Path's base of operations. The Trandoshan then attempted to fix a deal with the Sith'ari Path in a conferance room with Sharasvar, Vaelyndor and Void-Dallos who were the Path's leading figures in politics and diplomacy. After some time, the representatives were impressed and signed the contract which would ensure an alliance between the two organisations.

In light of the work that Skursir achieved, he was promoted to become Ambassador between the two groups. The first mission that the Path hired the E.P.O.C.H for was directed by Skursir. A transmission originating from an unknown world and system was recieved directed at the Path on such a secure and complicated frequency that it could not be intercepted. This contract was unorthodox in that the Sith'ari followed the E.P.O.C.H Agents in the investigation in which a large group was enlisted for the job. It was found that the world was Tython and hosted a considerable amount of Jedi, hindering direct investigation of the world.

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