The Hyperion is a new and more upper-class establishment than most Cantinas, found in the heart of Coruscant during the time of the ATC Restoration period. Secretly run and funded by Agents of The E.P.O.C.H. it welcomes all customers with only two rules:

1. Civility is key. Violence will be met with deadly reprisal.
2. Political-free zone. Empire and Republic, Jedi and Sith. All are welcome and have rights of elyzium within the walls.


Owner: "The Mysterious Falleen" (Known only to E.P.O.C.H.)

The owner of the club is believed to be Carl Marclonus (see below) to everyone outside of The Agents of The E.P.O.C.H. and their closest allies/associates. Almost everyone is unaware "The Man With The Plan" has The Hyperion as just one of many buisness pursuits upon the Core World of Coruscant.

Club Manager: Carl Marclonus, a Human
A man with a checkered past, most people were surprised to see the young Carl Marclonus "opening" The Hyperion, many believed he had no head for business and the company would fold within days. Since that time he has proven his skills in the boardroom to match those of his gunslinging.

Head Barkeep: Tiana, a Zeltron
With her empathic abilities and pheremone-manipulated persuation skills, Tiana is invaluble as the shrewd head of the bar who takes no crap off anyone, but is a general friendly and approachable woman. She heads a team of 54 barstaff, or which 18 are on per night.

Head of Security: Zhorin, a Clawdite (Disguised as a Human)
Deadly, calm, quiet and serious, Zhorin is an imposing figure around The Hyperion and it seems odd to watch his security team (all of which are larger and more imposing than him) walk on egg-shells around him. Only The Mysterious Fallen and Carl are aware of his true identity as a Clawdite. Zhorin heads a team of 4 highly trained security staff who in turn manage at team of 60, of which 10-15 are on duty each night.

Band & Dancers:
The Supernovas are the most famous band that play at The Hyperion, though many others perform here. There are also many various dancers that work the stages and tables, but a team of 8 paticular dancers (collectively known as "The Heartbreakers" frequent the club four nights of the week.



Main Club Edit

Facilities Include:

  • Comfortable seating for 300 patrons
  • Live music 4 nights a week
  • Dancing girls 4 nights a week
  • Full resturant facilities
  • 3 bars
  • 20 hour opening liscence



Balcony & Seclusion Edit

Facilities Include:

  • Additional seating for another 160 patrons
  • Open-plan balcony area overlooking dancefloor
  • 3 additional public bars, 1 additional private bar
  • The Darkroom: For photosensitive species
  • 2 large seprate-gender restrooms
  • A conference room
  • 2 private suites for hire



Pazzak Casino Edit

Facilities Include:

  • Patron Safety lockers (Storage)
  • 4 more bars
  • 17 dedicated Pazzak Tables
  • A Pazzak Tournament, included with "Pazzak Championship Table"



Private Penthouse Suite Edit

Facilities Include:

  • Private Access
  • Full on-suite facilities
  • Stunning view of Coruscant skyline
  • Pool facilities
  • Secure Holo-feed
  • Personal state-of-the-art Shield Generators cover the entire floor.