In her Bounty Hunter clothing

History: Edit

Renia was born on the moon of Nar Shaddaa to husband and wife Rex and Amiril Vais, together they lived in the refugee sector. When Renia was around ten years old her parents were brutally murdered by Bounty Hunters; hired by local crimelords when they refused to repay their debt. This left Renia to fend for herself, live on the streets, stealing food and credits from locals, she continued to live a life of crime for the next five years untill she was took into the hands of Rywolf a retired Bounty Hunter. Rywolf 'adopted' her, he fed her, sheltered her an protected her. He began to train her; at range and up close. She became a great warrior; and bounty hunter. But before her training could be completed, Rywolf was killed in an explosion caused by a smuggler on the run. With nothing left for her, she set off on a mission to track down the smuggler.

Using everything Rywolf had taught her, Renia equiped herself with many gadgets; Guns, Vibroblades, Flamethrowers, ect; And after years if tracking down her target, she went in for the kill. On the capital planet of Coruscant the smuggler went on; continuing his life as an normal day, not knowing what was about to come. As he unloaded cargo from his shp she swooped down from the clouds in her silver speeder, looking up he was blinded by the reflection of sun rays off the incoming vehicle. Jumping out as the speeder pulled to a stop Renia pulled out her rifle, lifting it up; she pulled the trigger shootiing the man in the kneecap; as he fell to the floor she pulled out a knife, walked over to him and crouched down besides the paining body and whispered: "You killed him; now I make you suffer." Lifting the knife a boved her head she pushed down with a hard force; digging it in to the already wounded knee.  Before he could cry out in pain she gaged him, nobody could here the screams, nobody felt the pain, or atleast Ren thought; in the distance was a Jedi having a pleasant walk. She felt the the pain of the man looking over she noticed a figure in black, bagging clothing about to unleash her flamthrower on the dying smuggler. As Ren pulled the trigger, and a barrage of flame incinerated the target, the Jedi ignited her lightsaber and jumped next to Renia. "In the name of the republic... You are under arrest!"

"No offense...Jedi. But i'm not going anywere with you." Ren replied, quick to answer back.

"I'm affraid you have no choice." she reached out to grab Ren but, quickly she jumped up; kicking the jedi and ran, shooting blaster bolts everywere. The Jedi soon gace chase deflecting the bolts as if it were cheese. Renia knew she would not win this battle; clicking a small button on her wristband she called for her starfighter, moments later it arrived and just in time as she quickly climbed in ans flew off into the skies the Jedi haulted and turned back to the bunrt crisp of a body.