What follows is a brief description of Odal Temple, the temple that was given to the Agency by Darth Derriphan in The Blossoming of Dead Flowers.

It has been written in a similar way to the description given for the Azure Towers Embassy Building on Coruscant and is designed as a Roleplaying aid for the Forums in the run-up to the release of TOR.

Although all members of The Agency are welcome within its walls, the temple is the training facility for the Force Adepts among the E.P.O.C.H. Agents, namely the Sith Inquisitors and Sith Warriors. Seeing as we know that TOR is starting the Sith characters on the planet of Korriban, Odal Temple is designed to act as a story gap between our forums and the launch of the game.


Dedicated to the Sith Lord High Lord Varloss Odal, a one-time ruler of Korriban; work began on the structure in 5011 BBY (1358 BTC) after his death when it was commisioned by his then Sith Apprentice, Marka Ragnos. Though Ragnos himself was responsible for his masters demise he respected his teachings and memory, and the Temple was complete by 5010 BBY. Carved into the side of Mount Doiyshan in the deep deserts of the Planet's southern hemisphere, the temple is secluded, remote and easily defendable.

In the years since its creation it has become lost to the mists of time and very few Sith historians even know of its existence, let alone its location. Situated outside the fabled "Valley of The Dark Lords" it is commonly overlooked making it a perfect refuge for the secretive Force Adepts of The Agency.

Unbeknownst to most (but suspected by Rangos), Odal's hatred and bitterness made him wilful enough to resist the pull of the Netherworld of the Force, but initially he was too weak to manifest as a Force Ghost and clung to his old bones which were buried in a Crypt under the temple. As the years went by the creature that was Odal was able to feed off the Dark Side energy of those who visited the Temple until he was strong enough to manifest. Mixed stories and legends state conflicting details of his killing those who entered the temple, or sometimes taking them on as Apprentices; but with the amount of bones around his tomb it is possible that both may have occured at some point.

What is known is that the Spirit of Odal was active around the timeframe of (* BTC) and (* ATC) as the temple was visited twice during that time by Darth Derriphan. Her first expedition ended in failure when her team were killed by the vengeful ghost, but her second attempt proved successful when she was able to exorcise the spirit with the aid of E.P.O.C.H.'s Chief Operative Fel. In exchange for the help Derriphan arranged things with the Korribian government so that the Temple was legally awarded to the Agency and Force Adepts began arriving in the following months.



Approaching the Temple and Entranceway:

The Temple itself is almost impossible to stumble across, one must be looking for it to find it. As described in Blossoming of Dead Flowers, the path up to the Temple is disguised in daylight, hidden by an optical illusion which only makes it visible when it is hit by moonlight and the shadows extend to show the pathway up the mountain. The top of the stairs lead up to the entranceway which also includes a small landing pad large enough for one fighter-class starship. Since renovation, a new security door has been installed with the arrival of The Agency and the twin Massassi statues have been restored to their former glory. MAIN HALL: The central entranceway is a large and opulent affair with Sith murals on the ceiling and plenty of expensive and durable marble and crystal surfaces mixed with durasteel reinforcement. A set of ten shimmering crystal pillars run along the centre of the room, five to either side, and the main focal point of the room is a large dias with a green holo-emitter placed at its centre. A selection of marble benches line the walls and the rest of the room is more or less empty except for a large gong on the east wall for summoning of the Adepts, a hyperspace communications array and a trophy head of a Greater Krayt Dragon both of which are found on the north wall. Exits via archways lead west to the Lower Level, north to the Meeting Hall and east to the Meditation Chamber and Shield Generators.

MEETING HALL: This large room is full of holo-computers and seating, designed as a place for the Adepts to gather and discuss assignments, training and even philosphical discussions. It is also used to entertain any of the select visitors that the Adepts choose to invite to the Temple.

MEDITATION CHAMBER: Soundproofed on all four sides with audio-dampners set around the door, the Meditation Chamber is a place of solitude intended for Adepts to train or research in peace or, on occassion, test one another to duels of will. Violence of any sort is not permitted in the room and due to the fact that with the sound dampners in place one could not hear of an attack, a droid or other Adept is always stationed outside the room when in use.

SHIELD GENERATORS: This room houses the Temples' advanced shield generators, installed at The Falleen's request once the Adepts had been on Korriban for almost a year. Highly experimental, they possess the same amount of invisible shielding than generators three times their size, able to encompass almost the entire mountain in a protective bubble should they ever be attacked. Bombardment from space or atmosphere-based bombing runs would prove mostly ineffective as the only weak pointis at the base of the mountain mening itruders would have to advance on foot, where one must climb the mountain and engage deady Sith warriors in the small entranceway.

STAIRS TO LOWER LEVEL: This large security door is DNA encoded and will only allow those who's blood matches that on the database to pass through. A small spike next to the door is used for the pricking of ones finger so the blood can be analysed, this makes sure that creatures like Shapeshifters cannot get through. The spike is innocuous and quite easily overlooked unless one knows to look for it. The stairs beyond the door lead down to the lower level of the complex.



The exceptionally lethal-looking training room can be found in the north portion of the lower level of the complex and houses everything from actual blaster cannons and missile launchers to blade-droids and holographic training simulations as well as a large open-plan floor space for Adepts to spar with lightsabers. Virtually any training combat regimen can be synthesised in the room and although there are many saftey protocols in place to stop injuries or fatalities, these have been made optional on Fel's instruction, which is just how most of the Adepts like is as they tend to switch them off.


Though the vast majority of Holocrons on record are copies, the Temple of Odal nevertheless stores quite an impressive collection for a facility of its size, including a few original ones that Agents have found in their travels. Unlike the Archives of the Jedi or the Sith no Holocron is "banned" here, nor knowledge of any sort. Information exists in the databases of many of the splinter Force-User groups and societies, and Adepts are encouraged to learn all they can of them for one never knowns when they might run across one, let alone whether they will be friend or foe.


Rarely seen by anyone but the Chief Operative herself, this room is larger and infinitely more comfortable than the Barracks the Adepts have to share. Apart from the obvious comfort, it also houses a secure Holo-feed with several layers of encryption and a small medical bay. By far the most secret part about the room is that one of the two large computer terminals in the room is in fact a hologram which hides a door that leads down to Odal's Crypt, somewhere that Aleina often goes to in order to reflect.


Holding everything from Speederbikes and Mech-suits to frozen food-stuffs and spare powercells and conduits, the Storeroom has become a dumping ground for all things that don't quite "fit" elsewhere in the Temple, and is considered an eyesore by most and a treasure-trove of curiousities by others. Most of the time the room is not visited unless something else is being added to the pile but on the occassion something is actually needed it is almost always the unfortunate job of the lowest-ranking Adept to go 'hunting in the trash'.


With twelve sets of twin-bunk sleepers and a single footlocker each, the barracks are not the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements, nor are they intended to be. Built and maintained in a similar fashion to a military barracks they are designed to be as sparse as possible, allowing for the minimal mental distraction when awaking or returning to sleep. The barracks themselves are unisex and grant no real privacy meaning the Adepts all get to know one another rapidly.


This large marble-floored room is built out of two sections, one consisting of toilet facilities and the other a showering room. Though privacy is given for the use of the toilets by way of sectioned boothes, it is still quite spartan in its design and the restrooms are unisex in nature just like the Barracks.


The large and spacious mess hall in the main dining area for all the Adepts though most eat and varying times of the day, so there is no set meal regime. Because of this the cooking and preparing of food is left to a droid who is always active and available in the Mess Hall. Interestingly, despite her seclusion in her Sanctum a lot of the time, Chief Operative Fel makes a point of eating with the other Adepts and never pulls rank while in the mess hall, considering herself their equal rather than commading officer while there. This tends to make the mess hall the most naturally relaxed room in the complex.



Unknown to most of the Adepts of the Temple, a secret entranceway from the Chief Operative's Sanctum leads deeper into the complex and to the tomb of the late High Lord Varloss Odal. Still brimming with Dark Side energies even after his passing, the floor is littered with the bones of his victims and the Sarcophagus of the dead king remains undisturbed, his bones laying silent inside. Fel often comes here to think and plan her strategies or after a briefing with The Falleen.

(* = Date will be entered here once we have exact dates to work from)