Guild Orientation: Neutral
Homepage: Agents of the E.P.O.C.H
Leader: Sureshot,Lunarwolf
Contacts/Officers: Sureshot , Lunarwolf or PrioryJK.
Summary: Highly trained & secretive group of elite Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Mercs & Spies.
For Hire: Offering contract killings, protection, fugitive retrievel & espionage services for any client.
Motto: "A smaller solution for bigger problems."
Recruiting Status: Open / Application
Extra Info: Small European Guild
Medium to Heavy Roleplay
Guild F.A.Q.

About the Guild Edit

When the Galaxy was torn in half by the invasion of the Sith Empire, planets across the Core Worlds, mid and even outer rims were forced to pick sides in a conflict so all-encompassing that whole cultures bowed to one side or the other. To most there was no alternative, a line had been drawn carving the stars and allegiance was bought, conned or forced. A rare few decided to take another path: where others saw oppression or salvation, they saw opportunity. Where many saw destruction and war, they saw profit. As the Galactic Senate drowned in its own bureaucracy and the Jedi Order retreated to regroup and enter a state of regrowth, the insidious Sith Empire stretched across the Galaxy consolidating its forces and paving the way for a new order. Behind this upheaval a highly secretive agency moved In the shadows, unseen and unknown to all but their wealthy clients. Bound only by a contract and their own moral code, they did what many others could or would not do to ensure there was a Galaxy left to exist in after what would be become known as the Cold War.

OOC Information Edit

Agents of the E.P.O.C.H are a unique and secret service who although neutral in nature recruit only from those aligned with the Sith Empire, a brotherhood of professionals who hire out their elite services and wide ranging skills to those with enough credits to meet their exceptionally high fees. This expense ensures some of the most consummate and dedicated specialists in their fields of expertise, complete loyalty and dedication to their clients and all but guarantees the success of any mission they undertake. Deliberately small in number, the Agents of the Guild are ruthless and mercenary to the rest of the Galaxy but share a dedicated kinship and respect for one another regardless of background, upbringing, beliefs or individual moral code, and each watches the other's backs at all times. Despite having some strong and vibrant personalities among the Agents, all are professionals to the letter, able to handle a variety of roles with almost chameleonic ability and ready to fade into the shadows and out of mind at a moments notice. Although primarily made up of non force-users, E.P.O.C.H. select their Agents on their personal strengths and skills rather than the class and path life put them on.

About the Community Edit

The members of the Guild are all dedicated Science Fiction fans (with a rather obvious bias toward the Star Wars saga) who show a talent for creating rich and interesting characters with fascinating back-histories and personalities. Dedicated role-players, the Guild members see the character as key, not only an important base to form interesting stories of their own, but also so that the group meshes as a whole and work together effectively. Everyone in the Guild is active in one way or another, some work on creative pursuits such as stories and RP or visual media, whereas others negotiate as ambassadors to other guilds or scour the internet for news, rumors and speculation on TOR and Star Wars in general. Because of the level of detail and immersion in our Guild and the characters, there are many ways in which the Guild is more suited to mature and dedicated players. For this reason an age restriction of 20+ has been put in place, though in cases of exceptional maturity and dedication members of 18+ can be considered for membership. Our plan is to keep the Guild small and 'close-knit', so our number of available spaces is limited.

Clients (Allies) Edit

Part of what makes E.P.O.C.H. a strong and viable Guild is their relationship with the people they work for and with. Whether they be one-time clients or recurring and trusted allies, E.P.O.C.H. pride themselves on their level of professionalism and skill. The Ambassadors of the Guild work hard to establish and maintain good relations with other Guilds and generate a profitable and well-established client list. Although technically mercenary in nature, the old term “no honor among thieves” does not hold true with E.P.O.C.H. who, despite having some morally questionable Agents among their number, never betray a client and always fulfill a contract.

You can find more about Allies here: Allies.

Why should you join us, and what do we expect of you?: Edit

Joining E.P.O.C.H. means becoming part of an active and fast-developing community with a unique outlook on TOR and the role-players able to pull it off. We offer a high population and entertaining forum, a Wiki database, several on-going “play-by-post” RP's (with more in the pipeline), an alliance with four major TOR guilds already with the potential for more, fan-fiction artwork and stories with dedicated writers and artists working hard to fully realize the characters of the guild up to the iconic status of many of the film characters, a friendly environment with approachable management, and that's just before TOR even launches! Upon launch we are looking to create many RP events, guild competitions, establish a 'buddy system' for those that wish to use it, a fully independent crafting department (assuming crafting of player items is implemented) allowing all members of the guild to be as well equipped for their journey in TOR as possible, a third-party chat system as well as the usual instance/flashpoint grouping and raids. Our main interest is the establishment, development and saga of our characters and the lore of the Guild however, and this will play a prominent part in our post-launch activities. What we look for in applicants is a level of dedication as well as a high degree of activity, both pre and post game launch. We're easy-going and appreciate 'real life comes first' and fully expect people to not be able to be around and available to play all the time, but we do ask that players put in as much as they expect to get out of the guild. We are a Sith aligned Guild so no Republic classes will be accepted, we do however have close ties with Republic and neutral Guilds, meaning interaction with all eight classes will occur. European players are our preferred applicants, purely because of the time-difference between regions, and we ask that all applicants be able to speak English as E.P.O.C.H. is an English-speaking Guild.

Ingame Lore/ Background Edit