Structure & Hierarchi


As you have probably come to realise, E.P.O.C.H is a roleplay guild, but one of things that makes our guild very unique is that we are almost entirely character driven. When promoting we actually take into consideration your character and of course the effort that you have put into the guild. So when members are promoted within the guild their chosen character will also gain a higher status and then we get to work on a story or roleplay that explains why that character has been giving a promotion. It's fun as you can imagine as it opens up a lot of ideas for fresh and interesting roleplay.

In some of the sections below you may see that we have a players handle (name) for the forums and their character name beneath. Some players may have multiple ranks within the guild but as different characters. Obviously we need a way of differentiating between both the player and the character , so we use a method called "In Game" (the character) and "Out of Game" (the person) to show who holds sway over who.



(The Guild Leader - "Out of Game" rank)
"Very little is known about the alien leader of E.P.O.C.H or indeed why he chose to put together the organization in the first place. More often than not he very rarely appears in person and his only motivation seems to be a fond love of credits. Very much like the agency itself he is sinister, mysterious and extremely cunning individual who appears to have strong connections throughout the galaxy. Loved by none feared by many, the leader of the agency is to be avoided at all costs."

Agent & Character:
Sureshot ("The Mysterious Falleen")


(The Guild Leaders - "In-Game" rank)
"The Chief Operatives of the agency are the highest ranking agents that have surpassed excellence in almost every possible way. They are still the only members of the agency that have direct contact with the Head of Operations and more importantly have earned his trust.. Although a lot of their work is in planning out operations they also enjoy work in the field and to watch them in action is nothing short of breathtaking. In essence they are the cremé de la cremé of the organization."

Agents & Characters:
Lunarwolf (Aleina Fel)
Sureshot (Character to be announced)


"Special Agents really are at the top of their game and if this rank within the agency proves anything it is just that. Highly skilled, highly trained and often lethal with intent, the special agents really are the total package. Although they don't necessarily have the authority of the afore mentioned ranks, they also possess great leadership skills and are the best people to have around when getting out of tight situations!"

Agents & Characters:
PrioryJK (Ril Tresv)
Caryington (Errdan Caryington )
Sureshot (Creed Dekkar)


"Agents make up the bulk of the agency and are the very lifeblood that passes through its veins. Shadowy figures unseen even to well trained eyes, they pass through the stars without detection, often performing tasks that normal everyday civilians wouldn't dream of doing. They are rogues, scoundrels, cut-throats and mercenaries seeking adventure and of course the all important prize. Although they are in fact freelancers to the agency, they know a good payday when they see one and many decide to stay . If you are unfortunate enough to cross paths with these dogs of war then you'll need more than the Force to protect you, that I can guarantee."

Agents & Characters:
Harlequin2 (Skursir & Sharho)
Lunarwolf (Gideon Larrs & Ree'tak)
PrioryJK (Jylan Trell & Ril Tresv)
Dugo (Horatz "Substance" Sallo & 'The Thumb')
Charada (Dr. Dain Forte)
Mai (Character to be announced)
Smudge (Skykin Ardrott)
Caryington (Drazzak & Caryington )
Wild Wallace (Character to be announced)
Suiadan (Suiadan Lotheraine)
Witya (Leta Orbus)


(New Recruit)
"Often found as out of work drifters, Initiates are normally thrillseekers on the lookout for the next big high. However some of inititiates have been headhunted themselves by members of the agency for showing great potential and skill. Initiates must go through rigorous training and show dedication beyond that ever seen in an organization if they are to become the best they can be as an agent of the E.P.O.C.H."

Recruits & Characters: