Listed here are some of the Star Wars Fan-Fiction written by our agents:


A story detailing the events leading up to a gruesome murder in a Cantina on Coruscant.
BE ADVISED: Adult Content.
Written by Black Heart

A brief look into the orgins of the dark-furred, dark hearted Wookie Bounty Hunter.
Written by Black Heart

A glimpse into what makes this Twi'lek smuggler, gambler and con-man tick.
Written by Black Heart

A short story that introduces the tragic story of the mutant Feeorin, Valik. It shows his relationship between his old friend Captain Hollister and the Force-Healer Lady Nalia Jeth.
Written by Lunarwolf

An insight into the origins of how the Trooper Skursir and the Bounty Hunter Artekus came to work on the same side, for E.P.O.C.H.
Written by Harlequin2

The interrogation and torture of Coruscant businessman Kraton Varn, by sociopathic serial killer, Xen Raffini. Story Continues in Urban Predator.
BE ADVISED: Adult Content.
Written by Lunarwolf

An interactive story where the members of Agents of the E.P.O.C.H. voted on how the story progressed. It followed the discoveries of Zaraigus Kael and his Cathar partner Sachni as they investigated the dissapearance of Nyetti'lis Hakaradan, a Devaronian businesswoman.
Written by Lunarwolf

The story of Aleena Fel's return to the starship "Omen"
Written by: Lunarwolf

An interwoven story of many characters centering around the advanced Imperial cruiser, 'The Eldritch Arrow'.
Written by: 36809

A new darkness rising...
Written by: Harelquin2

Aleena Fel travels to Korriban to establish an E.P.O.C.H. presence upon the red world.
Written By: Lunarwolf

Please be aware that these are only Fan-Fics made by Agents of The E.P.O.C.H., and only those works which are completed are listed here. Please check the Storytelling portion of the E.P.O.C.H. site for works done by allies and guests as well.