Azure Towers is a large, multi storied building owned by the illusive figure known as “The Mysterious Falleen”, the enigmatic leader of The E.P.O.C.H. Agency. It is one of many residencies dotted around Galactic City under his secret ownership. Designed as an Ambassadorial Embassy for all of the organisations allied with The Agency, each floor above the ALPA (see below) is isolated one from the other and accessible by landing pad only. All floors above the first two are identical Ambassadorial Offices, although most are empty. Floors 7, 12, 19, 21, 25 and 30 are currently occupied, housing Offices for The Remnants of Mandalore, The Sith'ari Path, The Praxeum, The Hands of Darkness, CODEX, and The E.P.O.C.H. Agency, respectively.


About the Azure Lost Persons Agency (“ALPA”) Edit

A cover operation for the Embassy Building, the Azure Lost Persons Agency (or 'ALPA') might well be a front to finance the embassy itself, but it is a self-sustaining business in its own right. Dealing in finding and retrieving (where possible) people who have gone missing in the Core, the dedicated team of undercover E.P.O.C.H. Initiates prove their worth to The Agency by investigating and solving these disappearances, for a reasonable fee. Like the rest of the levels above it, the ALPA floors also have their own independent shield generators as well as housing the main generators for the entire building. Finally, they are the only street-level access point to the building, all floors above the second can be reached by air only.

Building breakdown Edit


1. Administrations Offices & Other: Rooms 1A through 1D are formal administration offices manned by a combination of Droids and E.P.O.C.H. informants who's job it is to collate data for the organisation whom the floor is dedicated to and liaise information directly with The E.P.O.C.H. Agency. Most sentient employees are working off debts to the Agency, are unable to undergo field work for varies reasons or are simply practising Initiates. The room 1E is a library, containing many thousands of holo-records detailing information on Coruscant and the Galactic Core as well as many entries for the mid and even outer-rim systems. The library is maintained by a small protocol and service droid workforce. It is tied into the E.P.O.C.H. Mainframe on the top floor of the building and is identically replicated on each floor, granting the same access to all allied organisations. Room 1F is a recreational hall fitted with many types of equipment to allow for a wide variety of training regimes from general exercise and fitness right up to shooting ranges and lightsaber or melee duels. Many organisations allied with The Agency refit this room slightly as a sparring hall. Rooms 1G through 1J are also administration officers, mirroring those listed 1A through 1D.

2. Secure Holonet Communication Relays: Four large rooms on each floor house elaborate holo-transmitters with a simple user interface. The vast majority of the room is closed off, housing a large set of feedback-relays which constantly send out fluctuating transcoder signals on a continual feedback loop making all communication to and from the relays virtually untraceable and secure. In the event of a slice the systems shut down automatically and send a bogus point of origin meaning the tracer will follow the link to an incorrect source. Each room also has a direct uplink with The E.P.O.C.H. Agency itself, via a feed to the Agencies' head administrator - [1]Malindrll Mdybo Malindrll Mdybo].

3. Data Holo-Storage Vault #1: A triple-encryption matrix protects the valuable correspondence and mission data between the organisation each floor is dedicated to and The Agency. The large vault is protected by several electronic counter-measures as well as a contingent of security droids and houses all information The Agency has on their client. It is tied into the E.P.O.C.H. mainframe on the top floor.

4. Data Holo-Storage Vault #2: The second holo-vault is a back-up for the original, just as heavily guarded with several additional security protocols should the original vault somehow be breached.

5. Security Droid Bays: This area is where the Mark VIII Sentinel Droids are housed, repaired and stored when not in use. Deployable at a moments notice, each floor has a total of twenty droids working on a ten-on, ten-off rotational recharge pattern. The droids are assisted and maintained by a 4-man security team should the droids ever be compromised; and are found in the Security Offices.


6. Security Offices and Shield Generators: These rooms house security hub for each floor and also accommodation for the security team. This is also the area where each floor's independent Shield Generator is housed, should the main building shield go offline for whatever reason. Shields, droids and security doors can all be taken offline from this point but must be done manually, a safeguard against slice attacks. Several failsafes are in place which cause and automatic lock-down if the security offices are overrun.

7. Security Checkpoint Corridor: Although each of the main areas of the floor has weapons detectors and patrols, this corridor is especially well fortified due to its proximity to sensitive data, shield generators and droid housing. Anyone coming through this corridor must travel through a security checkpoint and be scanned for weapons or potentially explosive devices. 8.Dignitaries Office: A room set aside for non-ambassadorial visiting members of the organisation to which the floor is dedicated. Facilities include a sleeper, bathing facilities and a modest but comfortable and functional office with a secure holonet feed and refreshment facilities.

9. Dignitaries Office: Each floor has accommodation for two visiting dignitaries, this room is identical to the first. 10. Ambassador's Office: A large and lavish room, the Ambassador's Office not only houses an extensive Office suite with several secure holofeeds (including a direct line to The Agency), but also its own Protocol Droid and two Mark VIII Sentinel Droids. Apart from the office itself there is also a large living quarters suite which not only has room to house the Ambassador in style, but also accommodates a second guest.

11. Private Waiting Room: A comfortable room for clients to wait before being seen by the Ambassador. It contains a standard Holo-net communicator, refreshment facilities and ample seating for up to eight persons.

Floor 1 & 2: ALPA
Floor 7: RoM
Floor 12: Sith'ari
Floor 19: Praxeum
Floor 21: HoD
Floor 25: CODEX
Floor 30: E.P.O.C.H.